A library for reading/wring data via USB-UART adapters
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 capi.cppC-style API forwarders for USBUART Library
 ch34x.cppUSBUART driver for ch340/ch341 chips
 Channel.javaUSBUART channel library
 core.cppCore implementation of USBUART Library
 EIA_TIA_232_Info.javaEIA/TIA-232 protocol options
 ftdi.cppUSBUART driver for FTDI Chip
 generic.cppBase class for USBUART drivers
 IService.javaInterface for communicating with USBUART Service
 log.cppDefault Log implementation
 Main.javaMain activity for USBUART Test app
 Options.javaOptions for USBUART Service
 pl2303.cppUSBUART driver for Prolific pl2303 chip
 uartcat.cppExample for USBUART library
 UsbBusActivity.javaUSBUART Activity
 usbuart.hAPI header for USBUART Library
 usbuart.hppImplementation header USBUART Library
 UsbUartContext.javaUSBUART Library facade class
 UsbUartService.javaUSBUART Service