A library for reading/wring data via USB-UART adapters
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usbuart::driver::factory Class Referenceabstract

Driver factory registrar TO register a factory: More...

Public Member Functions

virtual drivercreate (libusb_device_handle *, uint8_t=0) const =0 throw (error_t)

Static Public Member Functions

static device_id devid (libusb_device_handle *) noexcept
static constexpr uint32_t devid32 (uint16_t vid, uint16_t pid) noexcept
static constexpr uint32_t devid32 (const device_id &dev) noexcept

Detailed Description

  1. derive from this class,
  2. implement probe method
  3. implement create method
  1. create a (static) instance of it

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